~ Hot Cross Buns ~ Serves 12 ~ $22 ~ An Easter tradition these buns are sweet and aromatic, reminiscent of a raisin bagel, with a dense, soft crumb and confectioner’s glaze

~ Pecan Caramel Rolls ~ Serves 18 ~ $35 ~ Best described by a satisfied customer:  If you love Pecan Sticky Buns these are the perfect balance of sweet, nutty, cinnamon gooeyness.  The temptation to eat more than one is nearly overwhelming!  

~ Caramel Rolls ~ Serves 18 ~ $30 ~ Sweet yeast roll filled with cinnamon and brown sugar and finished with a sweet, gooey caramel. Best described by a satisfied customer...the temptation to eat more than one is nearly overwhelming!  

~ Yeasty-Buttery Dinner Rolls ~ serves 16 ~ $15 ~ The ultimate yeasty, rich, tender traditional dinner roll.  The perfect complement to any dinner.

~ Delicious Molasses Oatmeal Bread ~ 2 loaves ~ $16 ~ What's a nicer way to begin the day than with a warm, crunchy slice of oatmeal toast? This tender, high rising loaf is loaded with oats and a hint of molasses.  Delicious!

~ Corn Muffins with Rosemary and Black Pepper ~ serves 12 ~ $18 ~ Classic corn muffins with the savory flavor of Rosemary and a slight bite of Black Pepper.

~ Classic Corn Muffins ~ Serves 12 ~ $15 ~ Forget dry cornbread.  These corn muffins come out moist and tender. Just right with chili or slathered with butter and blueberry or raspberry jam.  Be still my beating heart.  I do love Corn Muffins!

~ Parsley-Pecorino Biscuits ~ Serves 8-10 ~ $17 ~ The sharp, salty taste of Pecorino Cheese paired with the fresh flavor of parsley make this an exceptional and unique biscuit!

~ Blue Cheese-Scallion Drop Biscuits ~ Serves 10 ~ $15 ~ I think these wonderful blue cheese and scallion biscuits may just turn some blue cheese haters into blue cheese lovers!

~ Jalapeno-Cheddar Scones ~ Serves 8 ~ $22 ~ Flakey, buttery scone filled with Sharp Cheddar and a little kick of Jalapeno!

~ Sweet Shortcakes ~ Serves 6 ~ $10 ~ These are an old-fashioned, tender, flaky and buttery biscuit that begs to be filled with fresh fruit and topped with whipped cream.  These are the real thing!

~ Old Fashion Bakewell Biscuits ~ Serves 8 ~ $12 ~ Luscious, melt in your mouth, buttery, tender biscuits.  Delicious on their own, but add jam, marmalade, molasses or gravy and these are over the top!

~ Caramelized Onion-Gruyere Biscuits ~ Serves 10 ~ $27 ~ These are an incredible biscuit with deep, dark caramelized onions, sweet, nutty, melted Gruyere Cheese and a savory sea-salt and pepper finish.

​~ Rosemary-Parmesan Drop Biscuits ~ Serves 8 ~ $13.50 ~ Fresh Rosemary and shredded Parmesan, a culinary Romeo and Juliet with better Karma, turn a buttermilk biscuit into a comforting addition to your table.

~ Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Cornbread ~ Serves 16 ~ $32~ Goat cheese, with its unique flavor, compliments golden, sweet, caramelized onions in a moist and tender cornbread. Decadent!!!

~ Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway ~ Serves 12 ~ $20 ~ Whether you're Irish or not this is a traditional staple for St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef or Boiled Dinner.  This is a moist and fluffy loaf that's chewy and crusty all at once.

~ Irish Soda Bread with Raisins ~ Serves 12 ~ $16.50 ~ This is the same recipe as above without the addition of Caraway Seed.

~ Irish Soda Bread ~ Serves 12 ~ $12 ~ This is the same recipe as above without the addition of raisins or caraway seed.