Millionaire's Shortbread ~ Serves 36 ~ $35 ~ Millionaire's shortbread has a LOT going for it!  Crunchy shortbread base, chewy caramel-like filling and all topped with a sea-salted thick dark chocolate ganache .  Always a hit!! 


~ Crisp and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ $23 ~ Serves 24 ~ This is a wildly popular, moist, chewy cookie with crisp edges, rich semi-sweet chocolate and deep notes of toffee.  

Crisp and Chewy Butterscotch Chip Cookies ~ $23 ~ Serves 24 ~ Same as the above but with butterscotch chips enhancing the buttery, brown sugary flavor!  

Crisp and Chewy Chocolate and Butterscotch Chip Cookies​ ~ $23 ~ Serves 24 ~ Chocolate and Butterscotch Chip make this cookie double the fun!!

Lemon Wedding Cookies a.k.a. Lemon shortbread Cookies ~ $27 ~ serves about 40 cookies ~ Tender, buttery, lemony, sweet and tart balls of Lemon Sugar coated Lemon Shortbread Cookies.  

~ Old Fashion Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ~ $23 ~ Serves 24 ~ An all time favorite, this oatmeal cookie is rich, butter-y and loaded with old fashioned rolled oats and chewy sweet raisins.  Ask for orange personal favorite!  

~ Grammie's Date Filled Cookies ~ $25 ~ Serves 24 ~ This soft cake-like cookie with a subtle caramel-y flavor is filled with a pecan-studded sweet date filling.  My grandmother's old-time recipe is a sweet treat.

~ Pennsylvania Dutch Soft Sugar Cookies ~ $22 ~ Serves 36 ~ Soft, chewy, buttery sugar cookie with a hint of cream cheese tang and a crisp sugary finish.  These can be flavored with vanilla, lemon, maple or almond.  Please let me know when you order which you'd like.  

~ Classic Peanut Butter Cookies ~ $22 ~ A super peanutty cookie that is crisp on the edges, chewy in the center and has an extra hit of roasted, salted peanuts.  

~ Classic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ $25 ~ A super peanutty cookie

that  is crisp on the edges, chewy in the center and has an extra hit of roasted, salted peanuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies ~ $25 ~ Serves 36 ~ These nicely spiced soft cookies are perfect for folks who like the flavor of ginger but don't care for crunchy gingersnaps. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ $22.50 ~ Pair pumpkin pie flavor with semi-sweet chocolate and you have a soft, pillow-y cookie that is an all time Halloween favorite and a treat any time of year. 

~ Old Fashion Hermit Cookies ~ Approximately 24 ~ $20 ~ Spicy, sweet, and filled with with raisins and candied ginger, hermit cookies are a classic New England sweet treat! 

​Snickerdoodles ~ $22 ~ Serves 24 ~ This sweet, buttery cookie with a slightly tangy flavor and a crinkly cinnamon-sugar coated surface is a New England favorite. 

Sea-Salted Oatmeal Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies ~ $36 ~ This oatmeal 

cookie is rich, buttery and loaded with old fashioned rolled oats,  smooth, creamy macadamia nuts and white chocolate finished with Maine Sea Salt. 

Grammie's Brown Sugar Pecan Icebox Cookies ~ $22 ~ Serves 36 ~ Crackling crisp cookie with a flavor that screams dark brown sugar, butter and toasted pecans!  Enough said! 

~ Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies ~ Serves about 24 ~ $30 ~ An exceptionally rich dark chocolate cookie with chunks of bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate and a sugary crinkled crust

~ Frosted Sugar Cookies ~ Serves about 24 ~ $25 ~ These are from my grandmother's recipe and are a super crispy, buttery, tender rolled sugar cookies with a delicious icing that has the perfect amount of crisp when you bite into them. 

Crisp Salted Oatmeal White/Semi Sweet or Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies ~ 24 ~ $23​ ~  An order of these cookies is the only thing my little sister wants for Christmas and her birthday.  

~ Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons ~ About 40 2" cookies ~ $42 ~ For those who think "if it's not chocolate, it's not worth eating". These are intensely fudge-y and brownie like with an almost gooey center.  If you're going to eat chocolate it should really, really taste like chocolate and these past the test! Seriously why aren't you ordering these yet?!  Bonus:  these are gluten free and dairy free.

Traditional Scottish Shortbread ~ Serves 12 ~ $15 ~ Pure buttery richness, with a crisp and crumbly texture, this cookie is miles ahead of the packaged stuff

Almond Shortbread ~ Serves 12 ~ $16

Dark Chocolate Dipped Shortbread ~ Serves 12 ~ $17

Cinnamon Shortbread ~ Serves 12 ~ $15

​Candied Ginger Shortbread ~ Serves 12 ~ $16

Lemon Shortbread ~ Serves 12 ~ $15